3 Secs Tent Setup Instructions

Tent Assembly:

1. Unroll the tent and lay flat on the floor.

-Stand the tent upright with the center mechanism at the top

-Unfold the legs of the tent downwards until they lay flat on the ground

2. Standing at the logo side (any of the 2), hold onto the top rods and lift it.

-If needed, you can put your feet under the tent fabric to reach the top rods.

3. Once the center mechanism is lifted past your eye level, use your thumb to push the inner rods down.

-IMPORTANT! : To lock the tent, the inner rods must be HORIZONTAL to the ground.

Failing to lock the tent will result in the tent collapsing under the slightest wind.

4. Attach the extra top cover.

-This covers the center mechanism from natural elements and minimizes any water puddle on top of the rainfly.

5. Stake the 4 tent legs, and secure the guylines.

-Secure the tent by driving stakes through the hole in the corner plate.

-Attach and stake out guylines. Adjust the slider to make the guylines tight.

Tent Disassembly:

To take down the tent, follow the previous steps and illustrations in reverse order.

1. Remove guylines, stakes, and top cover. Place it back into the small compartment in the tent bag.

2. Squeeze the inner and outer rods together to unlock the tent.

3. Lay it flat on the floor.

4. Gently pull apart the bottom joints to unlock them, and fold the legs up.

-Warning: If you do not pull apart the joints, the joints will remain locked. 

Forcefully folding a locked joint will snap the poles.

5. Lay the folded tent on the floor, and gather all the loose tent fabric closer to you.

6. Roll the loose tent fabric towards the tent legs + center mechanism.

-This ensures a nice and tight packaged size.

7. Place the tent back into the tent bag, then roll it again to secure the tent in its bag. Wrap the tent bag up.

If you still have any questions on the setup and takedown process, email us at 

We'll get back to you ASAP. 

Happy Camping! :)