2-Step Cabin Tent Setup Instructions

Component List

2-Step Cabin Tent x1

Tent Bag x1

Rainfly x1

Wall Compartment & Gear Loft x1 set

Stakes & Guylines x1 set

Battery x1

Tent Assembly

Step 1: Unroll the tent & lay flat on the floor.

Unfold and spread the tent to lay it flat on the ground.

Step 2: Close all two valves.

Two valves can be found on two of the air beams. You will find two air beams with the valve symbol.

Close both valves tightly and ensure that each valve is tightened to prevent air loss.

Ensure the sleeves adequately cover the valves after they’re tightly closed.

Step 3: Install the battery & turn it on.

The battery’s designated location is on the air beam next to the door.

Insert the battery, and push it in until you hear a “click.”

Press the button located below the battery to turn on the self-inflation pump.

Ensure that they are adequately covered after it’s turned on.

Step 4: Let the tent work its magic.

Allow the tent to perform its function. Once it's fully inflated, the pump will stop automatically.

If you need to pause the inflation, press the same button once, and it'll

stop the inflation. Press again to continue inflation.

Step 5: Spread out the airbeams.

When the tent is inflating halfway, spread out the air beams for the tent to stand upright.

Step 6: Attach the rainfly.

Drape the rainfly over the tent, placing the "Reactive Outdoor" logo over the door.

Attach the rainfly's buckle.

Repeat for remaining air beams. After that, tighten the straps on the rainfly to secure it.

Step 7: Secure the tent. Stake all the air beams.

Secure the tent by driving stakes 45° through the hole in the loop at the base of the air beams. Then, attach guylines to the nylon loop on the air beams below the rainfly.

Stake ground vents on both sides of the tent.

Step 8: Attach the gear loft & wall compartment.

Hook all the sides of the gear loft to the inner tent's roof.

Hook all the sides of the wall compartment to the back of the inner tent wall.

Tent Disassembly

Step 1: Remove guylines, stakes, and rainfly. Place it back into the small compartment in the tent bag.

Step 2: Open the valves to release the air.

Step 3: Let the tent collapse and push out as much air as possible so the tent is flat.

Step 4: Fold the tent.

Remove the battery and store it in the container it came in.

Grab the end where the pump is and fold the tent in half.

From the same side, fold the tent in half again.

From your side, fold the tent in half vertically.

Step 5: Squeeze out all the air and start rolling the tent.

IMPORTANT! Make sure to roll and squeeze simultaneously so that it won’t be bulky when you finish rolling up the tent.

Step 6: Place the tent back into the tent bag with the stakes & rainfly.

Pull the drawstring to tighten the bag. Buckle it up and pull the strap to secure the tent.

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Happy Camping! :)